Browns Backers Game Raffle

Raffle Rules: all ticket sales in cash

Must be present to win, Ticket must match number
Winning tickets drawn after the end of the 3rd
Each weekly game raffle has at least $200 worth of prizes. Tickets are priced as follows:
- Single ticket for $2.00
- 4 tickets for $5.00 (1.25/ticket)
- 9 Tickets for $10 ($1.11/ticket) called.
- 20 tickets for $20 (1.00/ticket)

Football Squares Game Rules (Guessing the Score)

CLICK HERE FOR HELP There are 10 squares vertically and 10 squares horizontally for a total of 100 squares. Each square is $5.00 and you write your name & phone number in the square. As soon as the board is filled, we place 10 numbered (0-9) ping pong balls in a hopper and draw out each ball, one at a time, affixing the chosen number to a square on the vertical axis first (visiting team), then the horizontal axis (Browns). There are 4 cash prizes awarded in this game. A $25 prize is awarded for the winning score at the end of the 1st quarter, & 3 quarter scores. A $50 cash prize is awarded for the halftime score and a $150 prize is awarded to the winner of the final score. You don’t need to be present to win (but you must write down a contact number on your square). ALL proceeds of this game will be given to the Cleveland Browns charities at the end of the 2019 season.


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